Top 10 beaches in Mexico


The influential magazine Conde nast Traveler chose the best beaches in Mexico. In their opinion, this list includes 10 seats.

  1. Tulum


Tulum is about an hour’s drive south of the Cancun resort. The beaches here are one of the most favorite in Mexico. And this is not surprising: white sand, warm turquoise water and roads passing through the jungle. And these places are known as the birthplace of one of the best cuisines in the world, so it’s definitely worth to go here!

2. Playa Mazunte, Oaxaca


The beach of Mazunte is surrounded by rocky promontories. This quiet sandy beach is known for its steep waves, attracting surfers, and bohemian atmosphere. But, in addition to people with dreadlocks and boards, just tourists come here. On the coast there are many shops with fresh seafood, so well combined with cold beer. In addition, it is impossible not to visit the local center for the rescue of sea turtles Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga.

3. Troncones, Guerrero


 Once upon a time, Troncones was a quiet fishing village, and today it is a cult place for adventurers. The four-meter strip of the beach attracts surfers around the world. Fans of ecotourism choose riding on the coast and hiking in the Sierra Madre mountains. In this amazing and, perhaps, the best place, no more than 600 people live permanently, and here one can feel real solitude and break away from the bustle.

4. Plane of Love, Marieta Islands


The place looks like the scenery of a fantastic film, but Playa del Amor is absolutely real, although it’s not so easy to get there, it’s located west of Puerto Valyarta.The beach is inside a cave with a gaping hole through which you can see The sky is said to have been the result of tests by the Mexican government of new bombs in the early 1900. However, leaving aside the possible sinister origins, we admit – this hole today has become a real decoration of the beach, where it is so nice to sunbathe, swim – and make unparalleled photos for Instagrams😉

5. North Beach, Isla Mujeres, Yucatan Peninsula


Isla Mujeres (Island of Women), as a rule, is perceived as a direction for an excursion from Cancun. However, he is worthy of a separate mention. The local beach of Playa Norte is sand from crushed coral and warm shallow water. Bathing here is much more peaceful than on the other side of the bay. Those who like to dive, we will notice – near the island observes the highest concentration of whale sharks in the world! By the way, they eat plankton and are absolutely safe for humans.

6. Costa Alegre, Jalisco


The Alegre coast stretches across the territory of two states – Jalisco and Colima, where luxury hotels coexist with wildlife. Just look at this serene view – the long coastline of the beach of Soledad (Playa Soledad), where the pink umbrellas so harmoniously look next to the cliffs. And literally next to the huge reserve Cuixmala.

7. La Boquilla Beach, Puerto Ángel, Oaxaca


The city of Puerto Angel of Oaxaca is located in a picturesque bay in the shape of a horseshoe, fringed by rocky mountains and forested hills. The sea here is always calm and has an unusual bright blue color. The city is for the most part a fishing port. The best beach for recreation is about four and a half kilometers to the east of the bay – there is shallow water, perfectly suitable for snorkeling.

8. Yelapa, Puerto Vallarta


In the town of Yelapa you can get on a boat from Puerto Vallarta, in about 30 minutes. There is no other way than water. This is the main charm of this place – on a long clean yarn there are almost no tourists. Leave the boat ashore, buy at a local bar with a thatched taco roof with fish and beer – and swing in one of the many hammocks stretched under palm trees. Paradise, and only.

9. Los Cerritos Beach, Todos Santos, Baja California


The length of almost 7 km, this beach – one of the safest for swimming near Todos Santos. Despite this, it retains the sensations of the Pacific coast. The place is great for surfing (there is training), here you can find beautiful shells and just walk with children. In addition, there is a well-developed infrastructure – a lot of bars and restaurants, is a luxury boutique hotel Hacienda Cerritos.

10. Espiritu Santo Island, La Paz


Espiritu Santo is located in the beautiful sea of ​​Cortez, a short boat ride from La Paz on the Lower California Peninsula. This uninhabited island looks magical – red rocks, virgin white beaches, exotic nature. Here you can swim with the sea lions (there is a whole colony) and arrange a wonderful picnic on the beach.