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Pacific resorts of Mexico.

On the west coast, stretched for several thousand kilometers, formed a whole handful of various resorts that attract travelers from all over the world. In the north, the Lower California Peninsula, it is popular among outdoor enthusiasts, eco-tourism and golf resorts of Los Cabos and La Paz. And in mainland Mexico, this is the prestigious Riviera-Nayarit, the peaks of the “solar triangle” colonial Taxco, the ever-young Acapulco and the nowhere in a hurrying couple of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

Puerto Vallarta


Where is Puerto Vallarta The resort is located at the foot of the mountains in the Bay of Banderas, Jalisco – the largest bay of the Pacific coast of Mexico. This resort town, 330 km west of Mexico’s second largest

Cuisine and Mexican restaurants


Mexican food  – rather, it is a motley mix of regional gastronomic traditions, rather than a single set of dishes. In the north, the main components of the meal – beef and goat meat, and their method of preparation is very similar