Mexico – variegated mixture of Spanish, Native American and Caribbean cultures. Relax on the best beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, the ancient monuments of mysterious civilizations and diving on the island of Cozumel, tequila, fine cuisine and incendiary disco – all of Mexico: tours, rates, hotels.

Imagine: you are standing here in the tropics more often and the cries of colorful parrots considering Mayan hieroglyphics on the walls of temples of Palenque . Or merged into a single whole with a surfboard surf rowing towards the caves on the coast powerful turquoise waves, and behind you stretch bright white beaches. Or dive with scuba diving in the underwater cave and surrounded by fish, as if drawn by a bright gouache. Or before dawn, and dancing till you drop at the world’s best discos of Acapulco! And in between – try to try at least three hundred of the local varieties of tequila – and without any there foppish limes and salt, as well as the harsh Mexican peasants – with tomato juice, generously seasoned with chili.

Cities and regions

Capital – Mexico City (Mexico), large cities – Guadalajara , Puebla , Monterrey , Merida .

Resorts of the Caribbean coast: Cancun and Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen and Cozumel).

Resorts of the Pacific Coast: Acapulco , Los Cabos , Puerto Vallarta .

Full list of cities in the country can be found on the city and the Mexican resorts .

Mexican territory is located in three time zones. The North American Pacific Time (UTC-8) lives Baja California (which, for example, Mexicali and Tijuana ), the Mountain Time (UTC-7) – Sonora (here are the cities of Hermosillo and Alamos), and the Central (UTC-6 ) – the east and center of the country (such as Mexico City and Guadalajara). If daylight saving time is added to the standard one hour.

Getting there

“Aeroflot” flies from Moscow to Cancun on Thursdays and Sundays. Travel time – 13 hours. From Moscow to Mexico City can be reached with a change in Europe, in Cuba or in the United States. The lowest available fare offer from Lufthansa (via Frankfurt), Iberia (6 times a week, via Madrid), Air France (daily through Paris) and KLM (via Amsterdam). These airlines operate flights from Moscow to Cancun, also with a change in European capitals. In this scenario, the journey will last at least 15 hours.

With flights from the CIS – the same picture can be reached only with changes in Europe.


Import of foreign currency is not limited (declaration required), import and export of the national currency – not more than 5000 MXN . At the entrance to Mexico you must fill out a customs declaration, which is required to list all valuable items that are imported into the country. For personal use are allowed to take no more than 400 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco, 3 liters of spirits or wine, a camcorder, a camera, gifts worth no more than 300 USD . The import of fruit, vegetables and their products, plants, cuttings and seeds of plants, flowers, meat, medicines, without documentary evidence of the need for their use (prescription or medical records), psychotropic substances and pornographic publications.

Mexico Vehicles

In Mexico it has an extensive network of internal air. Regular reports are not only large cities popular resorts of Cancun and Acapulco from Mexico City take up to 7 flights a day.

Mexican railroads are much less convenient for tourists. There are, however, several tourist trains that go, for example, from Mexico City through Chihuahua (Chihuahua) – Los Mochis (Los-Mochis) in the north-west of the country or from Cancun deep into the Yucatan Peninsula to the Mayan towns, but tickets they are quite expensive.

But the country is well developed intercity bus service. The buses are clean and comfortable enough, go on schedule. Moreover, in many parts of Mexico, they are almost the only opportunity to get anywhere. Distinguish luxury buses (ADO Company), the first-class and ordinary. Above each region and the direction of “patronage keeps” his own company. The fare depends on the distance, comfort and speed. Air conditioners, as a rule, have in all buses.

City buses (the cost of travel in the region of 3 MXN ) go in all the major towns and is a fairly easy (although often crowded) mode of transport. Tickets can be purchased at kiosks or from the driver.

Prices on the page listed in the December 2016

All tourist areas are taxis – “pesero”. The amount of payment depends on the duration of the trip.

In Cancun, Acapulco and the public transportation is very developed. On the spit in both directions almost around the clock at an interval of 2-3 minutes buses. Fare – 0.8 USD , regardless of the distance. Between the cities of San Jose del Cabo and San Lucas goes public bus.

In the cities of Mexico, you can move around by taxi. The fare – about 15 MXN per kilometer during the day and 20 MXN after 22:00. Some taxis do not have meters, so the price should be agreed in advance. Those who wish to take a taxi for a whole day of fun will cost 1000 MXN .

Rent a Car

To get a car, you must present a valid license of the international sample in English and be at least 21 years. The cost of rent – from 60 USD per day (insurance included) for long-term lease (three weeks), the rent is reduced by almost half.

The speed limit varies from 20 km / h in some cities up to 110 km / h and at high speed toll roads (cuota). Quality free roads leaves much to be desired, but the majority of motorways and highways are in excellent condition.

MexicoThe safety of tourists in Mexico

Special vaccinations to visit Mexico is not required. The country should follow reasonable precautions: use in food products, heat-treated, pasteurized and bottled or boiled water.

In areas with large concentrations of people should be afraid of pickpockets, and to travel around the city to use only officially registered taxis (green cars are less reliable). In addition, tourists are advised to travel by car, bus and train only during the day, and avoid provincial areas. In the tourist centers and resorts it is quite safe: always running the tourist police. Smoking in public places is prohibited: a fine of 50 to 150 USD .

Mexico climate

the country’s climate is subtropical in the north and tropical in the south. In coastal areas resort (Acapulco Cancun) the temperature of +26 ° C in winter and +35 ° C in summer. There distinguish dry (November to April) and wet (June to September), season, which differ not temperature, and precipitation and especially – the level of humidity. August – the beginning of October is a period when the possibility of hurricanes.

In addition, for Mexico is characterized by high-rise temperature fluctuations: while on the coast the summer heat prevails in the highland Maya cities very cool – about 15 ° C. Also to periodically shaken by hurricanes, and more susceptible to their influence Caribbean coast.