Cuisine and Mexican restaurants


Mexican food  – rather, it is a motley mix of regional gastronomic traditions, rather than a single set of dishes. In the north, the main components of the meal – beef and goat meat, and their method of preparation is very similar to the American (mostly barbecue). 

In central Mexico, everything revolves around corn, beans and spices (which, incidentally, does not displace the meat) – in the form of cakes, a variety of stews and casseroles. The southern part of the country having fun on the chicken and hot vegetable dishes, which is easily explained by the influence of Caribbean cuisine, and the coast eats fish and seafood. And all the people equally loves hot chilli peppers, which are in certain proportions is added to almost all dishes.

As a rule, national dishes can not do without three typical components: tortillas (corn tortillas), beans and hot chili peppers. Popular “olla-podrida” (goulash), “carne-asado” (roast beef with bean garnish), fragrant “tamales” (steamed corn dough pieces, wrapped in a leaf of corn and the cob topped with sauce). Spoiled papaya, mango and chayote Mexicans for the biggest treat is revered pieces of roasted sugar cane – “Kanas-ASADAS”.

Of alcoholic beverages brought glory to the country real tequila, which there are more than 300 species (approved only four: Blanco, Joven, Reposado and Anejo). Also good Mexican wines (mostly created by European technology), Brandy “Don Pedro” and beer “Corona”. Popular soft drinks – “horchata” based on rice flour, chilled hibiscus tea, “Agua de Jamaica”, a thick hot chocolate “champurado”. In the south of the country produces excellent coffee.

Fun fact: the Mexicans themselves, now that a decade regularly treats all progressive mankind drinking tequila, does not drink it with salt and lime on a “lick – overthrow – a snack.” No, these muchachos everything easier: from the throat without snacks, best washed down with a spicy tomato juice or beer. As for the “method” of salt and lime, then there are two main versions of its appearance. First – this witty advertising ploy by which tequila suppliers successfully pushed through a hitherto little-known brew of agave on the world market, making it a fashionable drink. The second version, health, linked to the flu epidemic in Mexico in the 20’s. 20. Allegedly, as with other antibiotics and aspirin in the country then it was napryazhenka (as tequila just enough), then doctors prescribe to patients tequila with salt and lime juice: salt is needed,

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