Costa Alegre


Go south from Puerto Vayarta, on the Mexican Pacific coast, to the central coastal areas of the country, and you will discover Costa Alegre.

On the coast of the Pacific Ocean, in an unusual and secluded place, you will find peace and will be in the ideal place for relaxation, you will feel the luxury and comfort that you have always dreamed of. Enjoy the perfect harmony of adventure, nature, luxury, comfort and tranquility that you will find in Costa Alegre.

Costa Alegre is not just a place, it’s a magnificent area between Puerto Vayarta and Manzanillo. Costa Alegre is a high class resort with hotels in which you can enjoy privacy, this is an amazingly beautiful tropical paradise.

During your holiday in Costa Alegre, be sure to take part in sporting events and water activities of your choice. The warm tropical climate of Costa Alegre is ideal for relaxing on the beaches with crystal clear waters, to practice water sports, fishing or snorkeling.

The town of Costa Alegre, surrounded by hills and mountains, is ideal for ecotourism and unity with nature. With the onset of dusk, enjoy a luxurious sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Costa Alegre consists of 5 coastal zones: Bahia de Navidad, Bahia Tenacatita, Costa Carees, Bahia de Chamela and Costa Makhauas, each of which has its own architectural and geographical features. All these zones form a region in which you can enjoy rest in harmony with nature. In Costa Alegre you will always find yourself an occupation. Enjoy a swim in the tranquil waters of a small bay. Take a trip deep into the tropical jungle. Manage the mangroves. Away from civilization, you can truly enjoy the quiet and unexplored beaches.

In this amazing place, located in the south of Jalisco, you will find various handicrafts created by the Uicholi and people of other ethnic groups living in this area. During your holiday in Costa Alegre, do not miss the chance to visit such places as Barra de Navidad, Melake, Quastecomates, Tenacatita, El Tehtayan, Chamela and Perula – amazing cities, rich in their culture.