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In this blog, we publish interesting facts about Mexico, which we recommend to read while planning your trip. Actual information about cultural events, festivals, cities and their sights, about people who inhabit this beautiful country. In addition, here you will find information about how our company lives – staff stories, details about our products – tours, tours and hotels and much more.

The agonizing sunset of the maya civilization: is the monstrous drought guilty?


Author BBC Earth Robin Wiley believes that soon we will finally find out why about a thousand years ago the Maya left their striking white-stone cities. In 1517, Spanish conquistadors went to Central America, intending to conquer the local civilization of the

Top 10 beaches in Mexico


The influential magazine Conde nast Traveler chose the best beaches in Mexico. In their opinion, this list includes 10 seats. Tulum Tulum is about an hour’s drive south of the Cancun resort. The beaches here are one of the most favorite in

5 most beautiful churches in Mexico

Cathedral of Mexico City The first place is occupied by the famous Cathedral, located on Zocalo Square in the center of Mexico City. Its dimensions – 59 by 128 meters and 60 meters in height – make it the largest cathedral

La llorona: beware of crying women


La Llorona  (La Llorona),  «Weeping Woman ” – a mysterious woman from the legend, widespread not only in Mexico, but in all Latin America. Her images are found in painting and in graffiti, as well as on automobile stickers and tablets near reservoirs, warning children