A new trend: riding in Los Cabos

Every year more and more travelers try to combine a relaxing beach holiday with something else, for example they go on sightseeing tours .

At the Mexican resort of Los Cabos has its own “chip” – it’s riding. The center of attraction for beginners and experienced riders here is the equestrian center Cuadra San Francisco, under the guidance of experienced instructors Francisco Barren and his son Valente. The center was founded by Francisco Francisco in 1994, and still continues to be under their family management.


The best reward for founders is that people come to them from year to year, gradually improving their level of riding. In the center of Cuadra San Francisco provide services for riders of any level of training – from beginners, to those who are already quite confident in the saddle. In the center, in warmth and care, there are more than fifty healthy and trained horses of Lusitanian and Andalusian breeds, easily reaching people. Including, for the youngest riders there are special “children’s” horses.


You can choose to ride on the desert terrain of the Lower California Peninsula, with an excellent opportunity to appreciate the local flora and fauna, and a walk along the coastal strip washed by the Sea of ​​Cortez.

In the center of Cuadra San Francisco, you can order a carriage ride or photo session, which can be part of the wedding ceremony. In particular, for fans of sports, polo games and archery are organized.

The professionalism of the Cuadra San Francisco Riding Center is recognized throughout the region. Its founder and chief inspirer Francisco Barrena is the only Latin American member of the prestigious Certified Horsemanship Association. And in 2014 the center once again received a Certificate of Quality from the portal TripAdvisor . All over the world, such a certificate only marks selected attractions that demonstrate a fanatical commitment to hospitality and excellent service.

We recommend watching this video in order to feel the atmosphere of the equestrian center.

If you want to relax in one of the Los Cabos hotels, then we highly recommend visiting Cuadra San Francisco. It will be most convenient to stay at the hotels Las Ventanas al Paraiso or Casa del Mar , as they are directly opposite the equestrian center.

It should be noted that the Los Cabos resort offers other activities, such as whale watching  (December-March), nesting of sea turtles (May-August), surfing on the western coast of the California peninsula (June-September) and much more. For example, for lovers of fishing, three times a year, world-famous tournaments for catching marlin, dorado and tuna are held under the auspices of Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournaments.

Just write to us, and we will arrange your vacation at the highest level. The company Arminas Travel was the first to “open” this resort for the Russian-speaking market, and in support of this was granted an exclusive representation from the tourism development office of Los Cabos.