5 most beautiful churches in Mexico

Cathedral of Mexico City

The first place is occupied by the famous Cathedral, located on Zocalo Square in the center of Mexico City. Its dimensions – 59 by 128 meters and 60 meters in height – make it the largest cathedral in Latin America.


The Baroque facade is decorated with   relief of  Our Lady of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in honor of which the cathedral is erected. A magnificent dome is made by the famous artist from Valencia – Manuel Tolsoy. The interior of the cathedral is made in the Renaissance style, differing in splendor and magnificence. The walls, columns and vaults of the cathedral are richly decorated with gold, mother of pearl, ivory. With the golden decoration, the stained-glass windows are in harmony, brightening the Cathedral with bright yellow light. There are five magnificent altars in the cathedral, not counting the retablo in the chapels. The main shrine of the cathedral is the Altar of Absolution, made in the 17th century by Manuel Tols of marble, onyx and gold. 

The cathedral stands on a historic site, where before the Spanish conquest was the temple of the god of war, Wiczlopochtili. From the stones of the destroyed Aztec temple, it was decided at the same place to build a Christian church. The first stone of the Cathedral was laid by Ernan Cortes in 1524. Then the church was rebuilt several times, remaining one of the most important state and religious centers. In the recent re-alignments of the cathedral, important archaeological excavations have been discovered in its interior, among which one of the two heads of Ball, the so-called Temple of the Sun and some parts of the church of Quetzalcoatl, stands out.

Together with the sacristy (Sagrario Metropolitano) and the National Palace, the cathedral forms a majestic ensemble of the central square of the Mexican capital.

16% of users of social networks called this cathedral the best product of colonial architecture and a magnificent example of barocco in Mexico. This is a real treasure that you must see!

 Cathedral of Morelia


The Catholic Cathedral in the Mexican city of Morelia (Michoacan), the main cathedral of the Archdiocese of Morelia. The cathedral was built in 1660-1744 in the architectural style of the Baroque. Two 66-meter towers of the cathedral tower above the historical center of Morelia, which in 1991 was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The construction of this beautiful rose stone building, which was mined nearby, began in 1660 and ended in 1744, becoming the second cathedral of Valladolid.

The organ was brought from Germany and installed in the cathedral in 1905. At that time, it was the largest organ in the Western Hemisphere.

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit this cathedral at the end of the day off – an impressive light and music show takes place here. 15.5% of users of social networks have included this cathedral in the top five of the most beautiful churches in Mexico.

Cathedral of Puebla


On Sokalo Square in the center of the “city of Angels” you can see several magnificent buildings at once, but among them the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, which many art historians consider the most beautiful in Mexico, stands out, and 13.5% of tourists agree with them.

The cathedral of Puebla was erected in the period from 1557 to 1690 in a bizarre manner in which elements of the Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles are guessed. In 1649, the temple was visited by the Bishop Juan de Palafox-i-Mendoza who had arrived in Puebla. To speed up the construction of the cathedral, which did not yet have some facades and towers, he consecrated it. The erection of two famous towers of the temple took almost two centuries. The foundation of the Northern Tower was laid at the beginning of the 17th century. It was completed in 1678. The southern tower appeared 90 years after that. By the way, the dome of the cathedral is an exact copy of the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican.

The center of the lush interior of the cathedral is the altar, created by Manuel Tolsoy in 1797. In addition to this altar, called the Royal, in the cathedral there are 14 more altars located in the side chapels.

Cathedral of Guadalajara


In the historical center of the most beautiful Guadalajara is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Like many other temples, it was built and rebuilt throughout the three centuries – from 1561 to 1818, and its style is a bridge between the Renaissance and Gothic Revival. In particular, the famous towers are crowned by Neo-gothic spiers.

Inside the cathedral you can admire the magnificent paintings and hear the famous organ brought here from France.

Finally, under the choir and the main altar, one can see – the “crypt of bishops”, where the Mexican bishops, who are ranked among the saints, are buried. 10.5% of users of social networks called it included this cathedral in the top five most impressive.

Zacatecas Cathedral


In the Plaza de Armas of Zacatecas, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, built of beautiful local rose stone, is located. 

It was built in 1731-1752, and is famous for the combination of strict neoclassical style of interior and exuberant baroque on the facade. A complex and magnificent style of the facade is sometimes called Baraco Zacatecas. This is one of the most striking examples of style on both American continents.

And 8.5% of travelers marked this cathedral as unique and deserving of obligatory visit.